Producing the Book

The book should be a ball of light in one's hand.

—Ezra Pound

Once the manuscript has been approved by the storyteller, we begin the production process. This involves working with professional copy editors who are trained to catch minute inconsistencies in spelling and punctuation, artists who can create compelling page and cover designs, and printers and binders who can execute volumes that will last forever.

The design goal is simple to state but difficult to attain: the aesthetics must reflect the tone of the story and the personality of the storyteller. We work carefully with each client, delineating the options and exploring the ramifications.

Interior design involves factors regarding the overall size of the book, format of text, photo and title pages, type fonts and paper color, texture and weight.

The outer design and binding allows for even more creativity and individuality. Books can be hand-stitched using Old World methods, machine-sewn or adhesive-bound. The covers can be high-quality leather with inlaid designs, bright buckram with foil-stamped lettering, or four-color montages on UV-coated stock. Endpapers can be made from hand-marbled or imported papers, screened photographs, or solid paper selected for color and heft.

The choices are many, and choosing can be confusing. It's part of our job to explain the options and make the final book match, and amplify, the style and substance of the stories within.

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