Video: Celebratory Profile


While books are superb at painting in-depth portraits of a person, nothing can compare with a video for party entertainment. Videos provide an unsurpassed way to recognize the featured guest and create a warm, convivial atmosphere for the partygoers.

When the camera focuses on the storyteller, it captures the immediacy of the moment, the nuances of voice and manner that make him who he is today.

Then, as he continues talking, the screen fades to a collection of photos, showing the child he once was.

Back and forth, the camera moves though time, alternating shots of past and present, using old photos to illustrate the storyteller's words.

The result is a fifteen or twenty minute show that highlights and honors the storyteller as, at the same time, it enlightens and entertains the viewers.

It's not meant to be a full-fledged life history (although we can do that too, if you wish). It's designed to be a companion to the Word Portrait, a short public expression of the in-depth story that's in the book.

Such videos are becoming de rigeur at social gatherings ranging from small family celebrations to large community events.

But there's a danger. We've all been spoiled by television's well-produced biography shows. We want the subject of the video to speak clearly and articulately, even though he may not be used to talking before a camera. We want the content to have narrative flow, even though the plot line may be thin. And we want the production values to be exceptional.

At Legacy Prose™ we've devised a way to give you just that.

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