Book: Story Mosaic


Legacy Prose™ Story Mosaic commemorates a particular aspect of a person’s life. Like the more extensive books, they are stylish depictions of the storyteller’s life, based on interviews and related in first person. Yet, because the stories focus narrowly on just one part of that life, the book is more compact and can be completed in less time.

In the same way that many chapters are combined to make a full book, several books of related vignettes can be combined to make a series that chronicles the multiple facets of a full life.

Here, a few suggestions…

HOME LORE — “Do you know,” asked Peter Pan, “why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.”
 Swallows are smart birds. They know that a house is a repository of revealing stories. Tales about events that occurred in the various rooms of a long-remembered home will create a portrait of you during a particular time, in a particular place.

HEIRLOOM HISTORY™ — The significance of an object is not in its appearance but in the memories it evokes. By combining professional photographs of treasured items with the stories that give them meaning, we can create a book that brings the past into the present.

KITCHEN CHRONICLE™ — The French, who certainly know about these things, say that the kitchen is the center of a community. So too is it the center of a family. Stories of special meals and stove-side conversations produce a grand feast of memories. And, for extra zest, you can sprinkle those stories with recipes.

AUTOMOBILE AUTOBIOGRAPHY™ — From souped-up hot-rod to staid sedan, from borrowed Chevy to politically-correct Prius, our cars reflect our changing taste, needs and personality. An Automobile Autobiograhy™ uses cars to take a word-trip rather than a road-trip.

VIEWPOINTS™ — A collection of personal beliefs along with the events that inspired them, a Viewpoints™ book explains the whats and whys of your life philosophy. As an added bonus, we work with a talented calligrapher to turn the basics of your beliefs into a work of art, ready to hang on the wall where it can be seen for generations.